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2.01.06  - RSS Feed for

Learned how to add a RSS feed to the site. Still working on the characters of the Beta. We will fix the glitches after we are finishing making the site. The characters should be finished within a few days...

posted by Chris.

1.22.06 - Penguin RPG Beta 1.1 is out!

That's what I said. After some hard work - we finally finished up the Beta 1.1. There is still some problems with the game - We need some better images - tell us if you can draw graphics!, we need the new penguin picture from Hillary, and there is still some saving problem.

Currently, the game is saved under your C:/ direcotory (Yes, you need to accept the Signed JAR file to save/load games). We will probably release another version of the 1.1 Beta so you can shoose where to save the games in...

Enjoy! (And give us feedbacks!)

posted by Chris.

1.19.06  - Penguin RPG Webpage is out!

As the title said, I quickly developed a simple site for Penguin RPG. This site will let you play Penguin RPG - not from anymore. Right now, it's just a new site for Penguin RPG - I and probably Philip will add new features for the links above (which most of them are broken). Hopefully, I will add a RSS feed to this site so it would be easier to view.

posted by Chris.

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